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Advertising with RADIO TAXI BERGAMO

Promote your brand everywhere with our advertising spaces on board taxis!

We provide an unparalleled opportunity to promote your company, product or service through our taxi advertising spaces.

Taxis are a traveling showcase that caters to a large audience that is always on the move, ensuring exceptional visibility for your brand.

For information on advertising,
contact via the radio taxi switchboard:

President : Cocchiara Massimo
Vice president: Colpani Giuliano
Advisor: Begnis Adriano

Promote your company with effective advertising spaces on taxis.

Positioned in strategic locations, our taxis capture the attention of a large on-the-go public.

We offer custom designs to maximize impact, to ensure your advertising stands out and reaches its full potential.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to increase your brand’s visibility and reach new customers.

Contact us today to discuss your options and to start making your brand stand out on the streets of Bergamo.

Your advertising can’t afford to stand still.

Opt for our taxi advertising spaces and take a journey to success!

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