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The Official Taxi of the Municipality of Bergamo

Radio Taxi Bergamo was founded in 1990 by a group of taxi drivers led by the legendary Piergiorgio Zanchi who was also the first president.

Originally the service was carried out by parking taxis, whose license was issued by the municipality of Bergamo, in special parking areas called Parking Stands.

Over the years, boxes containing telephones capable of receiving telephone calls were installed in them, which were announced to the operators present on site via a characteristic trill.

These old but practical instruments constituted the first albeit primitive systems of contact with customers, who previously had no choice but to go in person to the designated stalls to book the service they needed.


From this situation arose the desire to find new solutions to provide more modern management of relationships with customers, but also the need to optimize management and response costs for individual requests.

For this reason, the birth of the operational structure of the Bergamo Taxi Consortium, called Radio Taxi Bergamo, was certainly the turning point that was much fought for but hoped for by both the operators and the entire community.

This direction has led to the development of new management techniques and timetables, up to total coverage over the course of 24 hours, which guarantees a real and concrete response regarding public transport from the square.

Today we are a dynamic reality made up of 40 members committed to carrying out delicate work in the service of the public, even with personal sacrifices, for the good of the good name of our Consortium and of the whole city that we represent with honor and sacrifice every day, providing information and guidance to all those who are kind enough to contact us for their daily travels.

The Board of Directors of the Bergamo Taxi Consortium in office
is composed as follows:

  • President: Cocchiara Massimo
  • Vice president: Latrofa Francesco
  • Advisor: Manzoni Massimiliano
  • Advisor: Majorana Filippo
  • Advisor: Faccio Maurizio