Radio Taxi Bergamo

We have been the taxi in Bergamo since 1970!

Call a taxi

From home or mobile

24 hours a day, after dialing the number from your phone

035 451 90 90

After a short wait the operator will answer you.

Be as accurate as possible you provide

  1. Street Address (example: street “Sentierone” number “18”)
  2. If possible, additional information about the name of the bar or restaurant, or if the house is in an internal street, etc.
  3. While the system starts the search for your taxi, you will be asked to press the button (1) of your phone if you want your number to enter the radio taxi archive (this will increase the speed of processing your next call).

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Via Torretta 12 – 24124 Bergamo – Tel. 035.451.90.90

P.IVA 02000150165 – REA BG253772