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We have been offering taxi service in Bergamo since 1970!


Our service is 24/7


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A causa dei numerosi cantieri stradali nell’ambito cittadino, si sta verificando una pesante ripercussione sul normale svolgimento del nostro servizio, pertanto ci scusiamo con la nostra clientela con la speranza che si risolvano in tempi celeri.

Important information

Informazioni importanti

We inform our customers that the active numbers for Radio Taxi Bergamo are:

035 451 90 90 030 35 40 136

In case of non-functioning by a number, we urge you to dial its replacement __________________________________ English We want to inform our costumers that the activeted phones for Radio Taxi Bergamo are: 035 451 90 90 030 35 40 136 These phones are always active if they don’t work, we suggest you to dial the replacemen


Si avvisa la gentile clientela che l’attesa per le prenotazioni può subire ritardi dai

5 ai 15 minuti


Information IT TAXI o SMTP

Information about IT Taxi or SMTP,once you get in the car,
you must immediately inform the taxi driver
that you intend to pay by APP IT TAXI or STP code.

Choose the official Bergamo TAXI

Call the official Bergamo taxi

For a comfortable and safer journey, call a taxi on 035045109090.

The first taxi available and closest to your location will show up with a comfortable car where it is most advantageous for you. Find out what it means: “Official taxi”


90% of our taxis are equipped with dividers.

During the journey you will be constantly protected by a booth to ensure greater safety (Ask for it when you call)

Our taxis are cleaned and sanitized after each run, to protect our and your health.

Always on time, as close as possible to where you need to go.

For a trip in total safety and tranquility, call Radio Taxi Bergamo at 035045109090

If you have to go on a trip or you simply have an uncomfortable and heavy luggage to take with you or you need to go to a place without parking, book your taxi.

Quick and easy, it will pick you up under your home and you won’t have to worry about parking your car.

One day before the trip, call our switchboard, and I book your ride, follow the instructions on the booking page

If you have a VAT number, call with the IT Taxi APP you will be able to monitor all your movements, including those of your employees or collaborators by receiving the invoice at the end of the month.

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APP Bergamo Taxi

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Bergamo Brescia per la cultura

Scopri la città che non ti aspetti.

Call a TAXI

Call a taxi, nothing easier.

If you are in the city centre and see a taxi,you only need
to wave and the taxi will stop immediately (obviously if it is free).
From your home phone or your mobile phone.
24/7 after that you dial the number 0354519090,
the operator will answer and you will have to tell
the street where you live and its number.


In case there were any technical problems and you could not dial this number,

you can always dial the followings

Testo non visibile

Via Torretta 12 – 24124 Bergamo – Tel. 035.451.90.90

P.IVA 02000150165 – REA BG253772