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25 Sep , 2020 - news

Another concrete answer to these difficult days comes today from the Consortium of Bergamo Taxi Drivers: in these days and until April 30, Bergamo taxi drivers offer their help to doctors, nurses and health personnel with discounts and all their collaboration to hospitals. of the city.

First of all, the rides (costing no more than € 50) guaranteed by CO.TA.BE. they will cost half to all health workers, doctors, nurses and hospital staff of all Bergamo hospitals.
This measure is expected until April 30, but, should the emergency continue beyond that date, Bergamo taxi drivers will consider an extension of this measure.

Great attention is also paid to the disinfection and cleaning of car interiors: taxis are sanitized with very particular methods, with ozone.
“It is our way of contributing in this delicate moment, – explains the President of CO.TA.BE. Massimo Cocchiara – guaranteeing the races in the first place and also facilitating in every way the health personnel, who need all the help and support possible as never before in this period. “